Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Alexis

Happy 11th Birthday My Baby Girl.

We love you tons and are so happy that God sent you to our lives and family. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day with all your favorite things! 
Thursday, July 17, 2014

All About Spelling Update

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Since its "summer time" I figured I would try to update on all the curriculum we are going to continue to use and have loved. All About Spelling has been something I have bragged about for years.

We have used Levels 1 - 4. 

Zachary is 9 and is in level 1. He has also completed their awesome series All About Reading Pre & 1. 

Alexis has completed levels 1 - 3 and is in level 4 near the end.

Kyle has completed levels 1 - 4 and I need to purchase level 5 by the end of August.

So let me tell you a little about why we love it so well.

1 - I love that AAS is simple for me as the teacher/parent to use. It breaks things down for me to understand. I was so scared when I started teaching spelling to my children because obviously this subject is very important and I was just scared I would mess it up. Well with AAS you can't!

2 - I love that All About Spelling engages my children. There are so many ways to do one lesson for the child that can't sit still or needs hands on learning. I have 3 children that have done awesome using All About Spelling and each have their own learning style. All About Spelling uses a multisensory approach. 


3 - I love the mastery teaching that All About Spelling provides. My children can move at their own pace simply because AAS lessons go at the pace the child can learn.


4 - All About Spelling can be used over and over. This isn't consumable and personally with 3 children that speaks volumes to me! I have to out of pocket expense once and I have it for the other 2 children. Being on a very tight homeschool budget this has been something that has blessed me time and time again.

Alright so if your looking for something to teach spelling or reading All About Learning Press is the first stop I would make. I am so glad that several years ago a friend & therapist recommended it to our family. If I wouldn't have found it I know for certain that my children would not have the success they have had!
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Week 47

 Lexi's 11th Birthday Gift from Us...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday July 14


Menu planning has taken a back seat since I started working and I must say my family has suffered. I decided last week it wasn't fair to leave the house and not have at least everything prepped for them to cook or for it to be fixed and just need heated. At the end of the week last week I started and it worked good just more work for me before I leave but that's alright.

Sour Kraut & Dogs

Sweet & Sour Chicken
White Rice 

Country Style Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Baked Apples

Baked Tacos

Left Overs

Friday, July 11, 2014

WriteShop Junior E { Review }

I was so happy to have a chance to review WriteShop's new Junior E book with my daughter! This curriculum is some of my favorite. I have known about WriteShop for several years. They introduced me to a great way to teach writing in a fun way when my oldest hated to write. I have to add that their prompt cards are wonderful! All 3 of my children have enjoyed them and have written some wonderfully delightful stories from them! I believe we have used those for 4 school years! 

I received a physical copy of the Teacher's Guide $45.95 and Time Saver Pack $14.95 however I received a digital download of the Activity Pack $35.50 and the Junior Writer's Notebook $3.50. Each of the items has a physical book price and a download price so that should help your pocket!

WriteShop Book E is the newest release from Kim Kautzer & Nancy Sanders. This set is recommended for 4th and 5th graders but like almost all of their items you can use for sixth and seventh graders that may be struggling or have not yet had a formal writing instruction. I am using Book E with my 5th grader. She has had no issue at all using this book and although some of the teaching like Dialogue & Fable where new words for her she actually understood the meaning by the end of the lesson.

The lessons we have learned so far have been

Writing a Fable
Writing With Humor
Writing an Adventure
Writing Science Fiction

The teacher guide provided me with a book list that was VERY helpful to help introduce each of the types of writing genre's (like above Fable, Science Fiction) to her and for her be able to see the style of writing for her understanding.

Also in the teacher guide you will find lesson plans for you to get a good routine established. Also it helps to give you every supply you will need for each lesson.

The Student Activity Pack is the only other item besides the teacher guide that is required to teach this successfully. The digital version that I got was great because I was able to print off a paper if I needed another! One morning she spilt orange juice on the table but normally I would totally freak but this time I didn't have to - Simply going to my computer was all I needed! The student pack has all the worksheets and activities that is needed through the entire course.

The lessons have varied in length for us, some lessons have took a week and others longer so I personally suggest you going at your child's ability level. The teacher guide has a suggestion on a 3 week lesson plan which would last 1 year having 2 days off per week but there is a 2 week lesson plan allowing for 1 day off per week finishing it faster. This is not an independent course; the teacher is an absolute necessity. 

Along with the Activity Pack there is a Fold N Go Grammar folder that teaches:

Lesson 1-Punctuation Marks
Lesson 2- Self-editing
Lesson 3- Nouns
Lesson 4- Pronouns
Lesson 5- Verbs
Lesson 6- Adjectives
Lesson 7- Adverbs
Lesson 8- Prepositions
Lesson 9- Capitalization
Lesson 10- References

This was a great resource since we have finished our English/grammar for the year! Wonderful way to help those skills stay current.

WriteShop always has my back when it comes to time consuming materials - Because they lay everything out for you and you need nothing more than what is supplied. I highly suggest always purchasing the Time Saver Pack it has always been a life saver for my time and sanity! This package is just a package of short cuts for the parent! It is ready made props for your activities needed in the lessons. You could make your own but I will honestly tell you if you have the extra money you really will benefit from this purchase.

The Junior Writer's Notebook isn't long only 23 pages but it helps to inspire your kids to write more in an organized way. This is an optional item for Book E. My daughter loved this item. I printed it all out and stapled together for her and she actually used this enough for me to print her a second. She loves writing stories but had never had tools to map her writing out to gather her idea. I had taught her to story web at one time but she found that she loved this notebook for her brainstorming.

Find WriteShop around the web:

Also they publish a blog that has wonderful information for you!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Week 46

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slowing Down

Summer has arrived! 

Guess how I know?


School isn't normal schedule


We are being lazy!! 

I love our summer schedule! 

Every year I look very forward to this time of year because we have completed everything that I consider most important (even though we school year round) so it means that we can have a much more relaxed schedule. 

We do not wake up at a certain time right now and that is nice.

Each child has a small amount of work to complete each day and then they are free to have free time.

We have enjoyed the pool a lot so far this summer.
{ Thanks Aunt Pearl }

Kyle has been having baseball games like crazy the last 3 weeks so this has actually keep us busy and hot!

Other than that we are just enjoying a nice, relaxed day!

Sorry for not blogging a lot but this is my summer break too! 

I am still having to work but I just find myself not having a lot of time to dedicate to the blog right now. Sorry guys but I'm loving the summer break just like always! I encourage you to enjoy your family too!


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