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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crafty Challenge {BiC MARK-IT}

I love BiC products and I have shared several projects we have done with Bic before here on the blog but this month being Halloween they issued another challenge. 

See how crafty you could get with Bic Mark-Its! 

BiC sent me a set of 36 permanent markers and the new metallic markers which contained 8 awesome colors!

Being it's almost Halloween I tried to get the kids involved by using the markers for some "spooky" crafting but they just wouldn't really go for it so these are the projects we had a blast creating for this challenge.

1- Slap Bracelets

These markers worked wonderful on the plastic rubber! I was at first concerned it would smear but nope! 

Zachary did at least make a scary spooky slap bracelet! 

Alexis designed her love of horses on her bracelet and made one for a friend.

2 - Wooden Pumpkin

We love going into A.C. Moore or Micheals and looking at all the cheap wood projects they have and with it being a Halloween challenge she decided she would get a pumpkin to decorate. Not only are these normally super cheap but they are cute normally too.

The Bic Mark-Its worked awesome on the wood. We have decorated wood before and it bleed through but these didn't! Made her so happy because she was already wondering if it would run into her red. These are awesome on wood.

Also she said the metallic markers are her favorite!

 3- Sun-Catchers

This was a long shot but I have to say I let the kids talk me into it. We hadn't decorated sun catchers in a very long time - years!

Before we moved we had some on almost every window because we loved watching the sun shine through and give such a pretty sight. 

We picked up a few that we liked best and decided we would try them with the Bic Mark-Its - Guess what it worked so great. 

I couldn't get a good picture of the ones we decorated shinning in the sun but just know they are beautiful and look great.

Hope you enjoyed our projects, we sure did!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard { Review & Giveaway }

Today I get to not only tell you about a super cute story but I also get to give one of you a copy of your own! 

Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard was sent to me for a review! 
The book was written by Janice Dean which has been a forecasting the weather for Fox News since 2004. She is a mother to two young boys and she really loves sharing her science background with all. She lives in NYC which I have personally been to and it was the greatest trip of my life!

Winter is coming and its my least favorite time of the year. I adore Spring however I can think of many perks to Winter.

~ Snuggles because of cold days ~
~ More down time ~
~ Comfort food ~

Those are just some of my favorites!

With Winter just around the corner Freddy the Frogcaster helps interest kiddos in learning a little about weather! I love books that double as a great fun story but also teach valuable skills too!

Freddy is on a class field trip (we all love those around here) and he takes notice of a big blizzard moving toward Lilypad. He has to help get the advisory out because Sally Croaker is busy and so is Polly Woggins. Freddy started telling about the storm coming and then he got to meet someone new and in charge - The Mayor! He then told him and started making a list of what everyone needed to stay safe during this blizzard.

Freddy got home and gathered supplies for him a blizzard kit but also for Polly because she was having to go report on it and he was worried for her.

Not long after the blizzard started the power went out and thankfully he had all his supplies already gathered.

The next day he was so very worried about Polly that when the power finally came back on he was glued to it to find out if she was alright. The news van had gotten stuck in the snow and if it hadn't been for his kit he packed and made for Polly they would have been in serious trouble.

Janice Dean did a wonderful job on this book but I also have to say that the illustrations by Russ Cox are adorable. 

My family enjoyed reading this book and I am happy to have you a copy to offer to your family too!

You must be a U.S. resident to enter. Winner must reply within 48 hours of notification email or prize will be forfeited. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2nd 6 Weeks Reading Plan

Well I can't hardly believe today started our second mini mester!

You can read about our first 6 weeks reading plan here and you can read about our first 6 weeks complete here!

Today I just wanted to share our reading plan for this 6 weeks.

As you may already know, Kyle slacked big time on his reading plan for last 6 weeks so he got punished for that and has several repeats because he never got to them.

Here is his list:
Boys Who Rocked The World
Moby Dick
Mr. Lincolns Drummer
Harry Houdini 

Alexis done wonderfully! She completed her reading plan and then some. She is just simply a reader and that is a wonderful trait for her to have. I am very glad she enjoys it because the boys just do not.

Here is her list:
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 2
Girls Who Rocked The World
Lillian Trasher
The Family Under The Bridge

Zachary will continue to read aloud to me and us share reading time together. He has been doing so much better and I am really thankful for this. A prayer answered!

He has been reading level 1 & 2 books.  

What have you been reading?

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Forbidden Book {Review}

Have you ever been interested in learning more about the Bible? If so I have something to introduce you to.

New Liberty Videos provided the Schoolhouse Review Crew with several choices to review! My family decided we would love to review The Forbidden Book DVD: The history of the English Bible. However there are 2 more we would love also! 
Maybe a Christmas gift?

The Forbidden Book DVD is 58 minutes long. These DVD's are for a general audience so after looking more in-depth to the topic we only asked Kyle to watch this with us. We knew that the content would be over Lexi and Zachary's head and we were right, however, they did stop by and watch a few parts here and there but not the entire DVD at one time. 

We learned so many facts about our Bible becoming a book we could read. The history behind it was very eye opening and really made me sad that the brothers in Christ had so many obstacles ahead of them. However I am thankful for their love to God and for spreading the love of Christ with others or we would have never had our Bible today.

In the 1300's a Bible would have cost a Priest the whole years' salary!

Did you know that William Shakespeare quotes the Geneva Bible over 5,000 times?

In 1663 the first Bible was printed in the US.

In 563 AD there was a Bible College started however in secret, as an underground movement.

Erasmus had to travel to another continent to make a different translation of the Bible. (Greek to Latin)

Tyndale was responsible for the first English Bible.  He eluded his church and King for over 11 years before being caught. He was a very intelligent man speaking over 8 languages. In 1536 Tyndale was captured before being burnt at the stake with his Bibles he was asked for his last prayer request, which was for the Kings eyes to be opened. 

The next year in 1537 his final prayer request was answered because the King allowed the first English Bibles to be printed.

This next fact that I learned was so heart breaking because this is exactly why I homeschool today and I am thankful for these people that paved a way for me to continue even when they were persecuted for it, In 1517 5 men and 2 women were burnt at the stake for teaching to their children The Lord's Prayer in English!

The Geneva Bible was the Bible that the Pilgrims brought to our land with them. It was the one that helped lead Pocahontas and her people to Christ. Really awesome fact there isn't it!?

The King James Bible which is the Bible choice of my family was made in 1604 with over 50 different scholars working on it however there was a stipulation; there could be no side notes allowed.

This is just SOME of the awesome facts that are covered and that my family thought was awesome! I can't begin to tell you how many awesome facts are within this DVD. I actually could watch it again and get several more things out of it I am sure. I do however plan on watching it again and I totally plan on buying another DVD soon.

For only $19.95 this DVD is so totally worth every dime you would spend.

My husband, Kyle and I really enjoyed learning all the history behind our Bible. All the work and sacrifice it took. There was a lot of information that I didn't mention because if you found these facts as awesome as we did you need to buy the DVD!

5 stars all the way!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nancy Larson Science Special

Alright guys you know I have been loving our new science from Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool.

I blogged about Why Nancy Larson? here and told you a little about my favorite aspects of the curriculum.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Getting Started With Nancy Larson Science 2! This took you through the first few weeks of my family using it. I showed you my part as the teacher and also work and hands on projects my children have been doing.

Today I want to encourage you if your looking into buying this curriculum this week is the best week because they are offering a special this week (until the 24th).

For each Nancy Larson Science program kit purchased you will receive one free extra corresponding Individual Student Unit (ISU), when you apply the coupon code “HARVEST".

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy {Giveaway}

Guess what I have for you today?

Something that smells good and something that is one of my favorite products!

Purex has something new which always excites me, hopefully it does you too and I am giving you a chance to win some of it for yourself!

Purex introduces the newest addition to their Crystals line by adding Aromatherapy scents!! 
I was so excited to get to try this out!

There are 3 awesome scents


Well Being (which is the one I have)


I personally have tried Well Being and I can totally say that it smells so light and wonderful. It is a very unique aroma and very energizing. I love the long lasting scent that I always experience with Purex Crystals. One of my favorite aspects of the new Aromatherapy line is that it is blended with essential oils.

Purex Crystals are so amazingly simple to use. You simply fill up your washing machine like normal and hopefully you would add Purex Detergent like I do then the next step is super simple and adds a ton of special to your load of laundry - Add as much Purex Crystals as you would like and close your lid and your done. 

I have used different products from Purex for several years and I totally can say that I love everything that I have ever tried from them. I love the quality of the product I am using and the price is very friendly to my pocket. 

Do you want to try the newest addition to Purex? 

I have one coupon to offer to a wonderful reader for a free bottle of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy!

You must be a US resident, over 18 and I need your contact information within 48 hours of the drawing.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

First 6 Weeks Complete!!

I can't believe that our first 6 weeks is complete! If your visiting you may not understand, see we homeschool year round with a schedule of 6 weeks schooling and 2 weeks off all year! We love it this way.

I can't begin to brag enough on how I am pleased with the first 6 weeks! We stayed on track for the most part, had great attitudes and worked together pretty well. 

Kyle completed All About Spelling Level 4!! However he slacked pretty badly on his reading plan. He missed his goal by 3 books, so those books will carry over to next 6 weeks. I honestly haven't figured out how to punish that yet, or if I will. I do believe he will get a punishment for not trying to reach his goal because there were many days he didn't even try to read. I know he doesn't like to I have posted on that many times BUT I did have requirements that he did not reach. Otherwise great...

Alexis read all of her reading list for the 6 weeks and extras! She is getting an extra treat for going above and beyond for her reading (new horses). I actually just bought her 2 new books! I can't stand buying new books lol I like the cheap used ones but sometimes you just have to do it. The only place I see her struggling is her Grammar, but I do have to remember I skipped her a grade there. She was so scared of her Math but she is doing awesome and really likes it, Division isn't her enemy yet!

If your wondering what our reading plan was for the first 6 weeks please read here.

Zachary finished All About Spelling Level 1! He also completed the first workbook in Dyslexia Games! He loves his Explode the Code and is actually over half way complete in book 2. He just isn't liking his writing so I am going to try something different with that next 6 weeks. I can't begin to brag enough on his reading skills really taking off! He is so proud of himself! He has read 12 first readers so of which has had chapters and took him a few days to complete. I am so happy for his hard work paying off. 

We are loving Nancy Larson Science 2. I need to be more intentional at this!

Some of our favorite times have been our art lessons that we started doing at least once a week! 
Check some of them out here.

This 6 weeks we have been on more field trips than all of last year probably! 

NC Zoo
Looking Glass Falls
Brown Mtn Lights
Fishing at our local hatchery
Eliada Corn Maze 
Youth Trip
Renaissance Festival

Our homeschool coop started last week so 6 weeks of learning about the Civil War!

My favorite Schoolhouse Review this 6 weeks is a toss up between Fit it Grammar and My Student Logbook.

Overall I am so pleased with all our progress for the start to our school year. The only thing I want to change or add is some copywork to all the children. I need to really press cursive writing skills on Kyle and Lexi this next 6 weeks and start teaching Zachary.

I hope your school year is going great!


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