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Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 3

Guys I sure hope everyone had an awesome week! We sure did.

Monday is honestly a blur, Tuesday my heart was broken with some sad news about my grandpa (please pray for my family and him) and Wednesday was the last day I personally was able to relax because Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are always full speed.

I believe our art projects these week are my favorite yet. I absolutely loved both so very much. I don't know how I am going to showcase them but I do see having to buy 3 more frames to display them throughout the house and just change them out! I already have a DIY Masterpiece board that I made and love but it can only hold so much! 

We are really enjoying some of our new additions greatly. Nancy Larson Science has been something that Zac and Lexi are loving. They love the hands on approach of this science and they love the notebooking that is included (which is my personal favorite) want to learn more about our view on Nancy Larson Science? Read my post here.

Zachary is moving right along with Dyslexia Games (The Thinking Tree). This is an item that was provided to me at the very beginning of our school year that I had been hoping to get to use. I have a post coming about it next week but just take a look at what they have to offer if you have a struggling child like I do. He actually loves the work pages. He asks everyday to do them first!!! I believe he loves the challenge of them honestly but I just love the fact that he is enjoying them.

Last but not least Explode The Code. Zac is doing great with this! He actually enjoys this. I believe he likes it because it is very to the point, it doesn't have "busy" pages for him to get distracted and he easily does 3 - 4 pages a day. We started with book 2 because honestly we didn't know where to start but I thought even if it was a little review it would be great! I will have to have book 3 soon!

Just an update on All About Spelling because I absolutely love them tons and tons! Kyle is going to finish Level 4 next week! YIKES. Alexis is working through and is a little over half way in Level 4 at this point. Zachary --- GUESS WHAT? Only has 3 more lessons left in Level 1! I am so proud of him, I am proud of all of them! I love you All About Spelling you have done wonders for my boys, Lexi is a natural speller but needs the rules but I couldn't have done it without you! Trust me I tried!

We did a little mulching this week and the last load guess what started falling? No not money that I always wish for - Rain but we finished anyway!

Lastly some randomness in our home. Love that the Pizza Hut Book It program accepts homeschoolers. Love that my kids get excited for our little pizza outings! 

My beautiful roses got beat to death after a rain early in the week so we cut some and brought them in for our viewing pleasure! They make me happy.

A review item that I can honestly say I love to death. Kyle actually likes it too. I have tried not to say a lot about it but we love IEW Fix It Grammar. We are in book 1 and on week 4 right now. I think it helped Kyle to meet Andrew Pudewa early in the year because he makes reference to it sometimes when he is doing his lessons! Review will be coming around September 29th! 

Have a great weekend! 
Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Student Logbook { Review }

Do you have a child that needs a little more independence or help with getting organized? 

If so perhaps you should check out My Student Logbook! The Schoolhouse Review Crew was given a physical copy to review for one of our children. I thought it would be best to use with Kyle, my oldest who is 13 and we chose the Freedom Logbook.

There are a couple different ways you can actually pick your Logbook. You can choose the dated version or undated, you get to pick the cover and you also get the choice of instant download or physical copy. These range from $10-$20 however the review item I was provided was $15.00.

So what is My Student Logbook you're asking???

Well actually it is what the name states, a log book or student planner for your child to keep up with everything (task, chores, schoolwork or just overall management). It is already bound for you if you receive the physical product so all you do is just write all the child needs to do and start from there. 

You can use this for any child I believe but it is best suited for grades 2nd and up.

The logbook actually is very durable; this was the one concern that I had about using it because I know that our homeschooling family is pretty hard on books around here. The front is a very durable with a plastic sheet over the cover and the rest of the pages within are heavy paper not to tear easily.

How did we use it?

First, I sat down and read the set up instructions which take a few minutes. Then I spend another few seconds actually cutting the checklist out and placing it where our dates for school started.  Then I sat down and wrote everything that Kyle is responsible for during the day. I personally didn't write out chores because we change chores in our house every 2 weeks. I felt this way I wouldn't have to change the checklist but a few times.

Secondly, I started reading the section for creating high school transcripts using My Student Logbook. If you only knew how badly I needed this because I have been totally freaking out over the transcripts that I need to prepare for Kyle. Keeping up with everything hasn't ever been a problem of mine but I will be honest I don't actually "grade" the way normal schools grade. I grade based on mastery and I was so relieved to see that she acknowledges that. She covered grades, credit hours, course description and outside of class hours! She provided me with some much needed tips at this point in my homeschooling journey. 

Third, I introduced this to Kyle. It is really easy to explain and he understood everything very easily. I explained that I wanted him to use this daily to keep track of his responsibilities and he simply said "alrighty mom". 

Really was that simple.

In the back of the student logbook there is an All About Me page for the kid to fill out. Kyle's favorite has been the Prayers & Goals page although he doesn't really like me reading this (I'm alright with that). There is a Bible Verses Memorized log sheet along with a Reading Book Log and other miscellaneous activities that are completed so that in the setting of my high schooler I can keep up with those outside of school hours!

Our thoughts?

Personally for me as the mother I got so much out of the creating high school transcripts note that it helped me incredibly! I know that wasn't he purpose of the review but I am just telling you that it gave me such a peace of mind on that issue. 

For managing Kyle's daily tasks I believe that it helped him to have a check off sheet. Our household is a very routined home and my children are as well so this helped him have a more structured schedule for him to visually see and go to. 

Overall we really enjoyed this Logbook and will continue using it.

Find them on Facebook and on Youtube.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Week 3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Nancy Larson Science?


Several months ago I had the awesome privilege of going to the NCHE Conference which you have heard me talk about a lot! I had so much fun and learned a lot too and I can not wait for next year.

While there I meet Madon Daily who is the homeschool manager for Nancy Larson Science, she wanted to meet all of the NCHE 2014 Bloggers while she was at the convention so I ran by her booth. While speaking with her about our current science and looking at what Nancy Larson Science had to offer for my homeschool we decided that it would be a great idea for me to review the science set for the entire year with Zachary and Lexi. Zachary is 9 and Lexi is 11 and Science 2 is for ages 7-9 but can be altered for younger or older without much effort. Madon helped me to decide on which level to start the both of them at and helped me with several other questions that I came up with too!

Here are several reasons I decided this would be an awesome fit for my family:

1 - The lessons are already prepared {jumping for joy}. See science scares me, you see I was the one that got a D in science in 5th grade. Yes 5th grade. I had never gotten a D and never did again.  I took pride in my work but science just came very hard to me in a text book.

I can't tell you how many times trying to find something has hurt our school day on learning. You know the time when you are ready but you forgot that "one" piece of whatever and it totally ruins your lesson. With Nancy Larson Science you simply open the box and you may begin. There is no prep work. Everything is supplied which is a huge plus. No extra shopping because you need a new book for that lesson or you need a rock set for that unit, she has it all covered.

2 - The lessons are scripted. Not that I do not talk with my children or ask questions about the topic we are learning but to have it scripted helps keep more of an order together. This is our first week using this and I can't tell you how peaceful I feel because I know that everything is laid out for me. Even at this small age I believe it is awesome to have a plan all laid out and simply following it gets awesome results. No stress on your part homeschool mom (I have enough stress I do not need additional stress for science.)

3 - Hands on. The science is a very hand on approach to learning. It is all about observing the environment around you and using that as much as possible. Again with everything being supplied you have no time wasted gathering the items to best explain the lesson or topic. Having a very energetic boy that learns great with hands on activities was just one more added reason I thought this would work wonders with his learning for the year.  A personal draw for my family was also the notebooking approach that is incorporated into several of the lessons. My children love this approach and we have used it in our homeschool from the beginning.

So this year our focus in Nancy Larson Science 2 is:

Investigating Physical Properties of Matter

Observing Rocks & Minerals

Investing Forces & Work

Examining Simple Machines

Exploring Sound & Light

Investigating Birds

Zachary said that out of all of these topics he thought that Rocks & Minerals would be his favorite while Lexi thought Investigating Birds would be her favorite. I can't wait to update as we go along with this new curriculum. 

I am excited and so far this first week was wonderful! 
Easy, fast and wonderfully put together!

2 thumbs up for Nancy Larson Science!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 2

This second week was actually awesome for a few different reasons.

1 - No textbooks at all this week!
2 - Family time 24/7
3 - Field Trip
4 - Hubby on Vacation

So lets start with #1 - No text books! Well with Kevin being on vacation we had a family project we needed to finish and the weather held out great for the most part for us to finish. We started a new chicken coop 2 months ago when he took his last vacation and honestly just hadn't had the time to finish it, so with this week's vacation that was the whole plan of action. We have spend a lot of time on that each day after having breakfast together. So this week my kids learned a lot of life skills, home economics and built better relationships with each of us, which also took care of #2 Family time & #4!

Field Trip was Monday to our state zoo! We love going to our zoo so much we go 2 times a year. This year we got to see how much the baby Gorillas had grown since last time. We actually visited the zoo the week they where born 2 years ago. We got to see them play so much and it was so sweet to watch. The first part of our day was great, the zoo was pretty well empty because the weather wasn't ideal. It was sprinkling on and off so then we take our lunch break and enjoy our picnic like always (I personally believe that is the kids favorite part) and get ready to go back inside the zoo and it starts pouring the rain. I only had one umbrella and was panicking big time so much as I told my husband maybe we should just leave. We go ahead and go in the gift shop and they had ponchos for sale and we bought those, you would have thought you did the funniest thing in the world - My kids have never worn a poncho and they thought it was awesome! 
Turned into a really fun evening rain and all. 
If you want to see more of our pics look here.

There you have it my week! 
Can I whine about having to leave hubby to go to work 3 days this week??

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drawing & Art Desires

At the end of our school year the one thing my children said they wanted more of was art/drawing. When they said that I wasn't so sure I could incorporate it into our day but with the first week going very smooth it was fit it to a spot I believe it was meant for. 

Their desire was just to have more "fun time" I think but no matter what the reason we have really enjoyed the time and have created some great drawings together.

So for the last several months I have tried to build ideas on my Arts & Crafts Pinterest board and that is where my ideas have come from for the first 2 projects.

Owls ~ Alexis and I love Owls, their all the trend but with these I told them to try to add a bold flair to their picture. Man I think they did!

First I got some print offs of Owl sketches and cut them out so they could chose which they wanted. Next I told them to sketch very lightly onto their paper and then we started the bold concept!

Thursday - Scarecrows

I am so ready for Fall and it is so close only 2 weeks away! On our walks in the mornings we have seen the leaves changing and I thought it would be a fun drawing.

I again found this idea on Pinterest too, just printed off the step by step drawing instructions and we started sketching on cardstock. After everyone sketched we outlined everything with a black sharpie and then started decorating our sketches. Kyle wanted his scary and I think he got that portrayed. Lexi wanted her's to look sweet and helpful and Zachary and I just wanted him to look like a Scarecrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Week 2 & Field Trip

Our day started out a little rainy but after lunch started pouring but the kids thought it was awesome to wear a poncho which was something we had never done before so we just kept on going! After a 3 hour drive one way to our state zoo a little rain wasn't going to stop us!

 We loved watching the baby gorillas that played as if we weren't even there! We actually have watched these babies for 2 years (we visited the zoo the week they were born). We loved the Chimp and Baboon babies too! Got to watch several of the animals get feed. Upset that the Polar Bears wasn't out in the new exhibit yet since I was told they would be at the time of our visit! Had a great day rain and all!


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